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FUTR Asia Keynote | Data and ESG: How a people-centered ad approach can strengthen relationships with consumers

For marketers, the promise of the internet has been pinpoint ad targeting. Leveraging ever more granular consumer data has allowed marketers to target consumers in highly personalized ways. What's more, digital marketers finally felt that they could prove ROI on their marketing endeavors, since technology allowed them to track customers through point of sale. But when you dig into our…

eTail Asia Keynote – June 8, 2023

Equarius Hotel

One of the longest running global retail conference franchises, eTail has helped retail leaders improve their business performance for over twenty years. Through a combination of case studies, educational sessions and intentional networking, the event has served more than 20,000 retail leaders around the world. Join Tina Mulqueen at eTail Asia 2023 for a keynote presentation. “Data and ESG: how…