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Why Kick Is Rolling Out Ads – Even Though It Doesn’t Care About Ad Revenue

While the pro-creator Twitch competitor touts an attractive rev share, it has a long road to ensuring brand safety. In this article, Digiday’s Alexander Lee interviews Tina Mulqueen on reputation considerations for advertisers. Read the article on Digiday.

Don’t Let Your Sustainability Efforts Stop After Earth Day: Use These 5 Tips to Build Long-Lasting Green Initiatives

Too often, brands virtue-signal their corporate social responsibility initiatives in the form of short-lived sustainability or DEI campaigns. Here’s a blueprint for how brands can incorporate ESG into their value systems in order to authentically support sustainability year-round. See the original article in Entrepreneur.

How Advancements in Neurotechnology Will Indelibly Change Marketing (and Society)

In Battle for Your Brain, Duke University reseracher and bioethicist Dr. Nita Farahany explores the new frontier of thought privacy, and why fighting for this freedom should be at the top of our political agenda. In this piece for Grit Daily, Mulqueen interviews Dr. Farahany about the advancements in neurotechnology that have brought us to this crossroads, and where we’re…

Budget Power: How Intentional Marketing Might Fix Some of the World’s Big Problems

The 30 most powerful brands control 10% of the world’s ad spend. How might our digital marketing landscape evolve for the better if those brands were intentional with their budgets? That’s what Tina Mulqueen unpacks in her latest article for The Drum.

The Future of Digital Marketing is Up to Gen-Z

Our digital marketing ecosystem is a mess. Fortunately, younger cohorts of consumers are attuned to the problems of our ad-supported internet, especially in light of emerging technologies like generative AI. In this article, by Jia Wertz at Forbes, Mulqueen’s students at WSUV weigh in on the future of the digital marketing landscape.  

Netflix Makes Too Many Bad Shows (Quantity is Not Better Than Quality)

Entertainment consumers have an overwhelming number of options on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Meanwhile, younger consumers have shifted much of their entertainment consumption toward TikTok. In The Street, Tina Mulqueen weighs in on the struggles with the current streaming environment, including Netflix’s prolific portfolio of unscripted content.

Global Creative Innovation Agency, Lively Worldwide, to Merge with US-Based Kindred PR

Kindred PR, the award-winning digital strategy firm founded by Tina Mulqueen, merged with global creative agency Lively Worldwide in July, 2023. The merger allowed both firms to expand their regional expertise and service offerings. The combined company is focused on developing owned media ecosystems for the world’s largest brands that activate brand-cosumer relationships with creative touchpoints. For more on the…

We Must Not Ignore This Media Inflection Point

Now is the time to evolve the paradigm created by our ad-supported internet. See the original article in Grit Daily.

How ChatGPT Can Be Used in the Information War

Seemingly overnight, platforms that earned money through monetizing user attention became the primary brokers of our news. The safeguards that we had established in traditional journalism disappeared, and the new model came with an inherent conflict of interest. Since user attention was a commodity, the headlines that garnered attention were rewarded. The new structure favored sensational and provocative headlines over…

Advertisers are Focused on Feelings. Here’s Why That Matters.

Brands need to understand how mood-based ad-targeting impacts consumers. Read more on Entrepreneur. 

Digital Trends’ “Tech for [Change]” Campaign Took Center Stage During SXSW

“We love technology, and we know that the conversation about data ethics isn’t a binary one,” says Mulqueen. “It’s not ‘should we or shouldn’t we’ use consumer information. In fact, consumers increasingly expect us to use data to make their lives easier and to save them time. The problem is, most consumers aren’t aware of how data is being used, which makes them less vigilant when it comes to bad actors,” Mulqueen continues.

Attracting Influencers Is About Giving Them What They Want

The influencer engagement campaign was set up by Kindred PR, who understands that in order to attract influencers, you have to provide value.

Should You Be ‘Disruptive’ or ‘Best in Class’ When Positioning Your Company? Correct Answer: Neither of These

“Invite your customers to iterate on your messaging and actually incorporate their suggestions,” Tina Mulqueen, CEO of Kindred PR, told me. “In doing so, you show your investment to your consumer and foster a group of brand ambassadors who have a stake in your success.”

How One Brand Reverse-Engineered Brick-And-Mortar Success

While headlines continue to lament a retail apocalypse in light of recent high profile closures, it’s important to keep in mind that physical retail hasn’t lost its market dominance. E-commerce growth has slowed steadily over the past few years, while brick-and-mortar still has a $20 trillion lead over e-commerce. But that doesn’t tell the full story, either. Rather than looking at the retail climate…

These Were The Best Experiential Retail Activations During SXSW

As I write this, I’m on a flight back home to Portland from a taco-filled adventure during Austin’s South by Southwest, the annual film and music festival turned media and tech-haven. As memorable as the southern fried chicken tacos and Torchy’s queso were, the retail marketer in me couldn’t help but ogle the unexpected retail activations in unlikely places. From August Home’s smart lock…

Brands Paid Hefty Prices To Send Micro-Influencers Dancing In The Desert At Coachella

At Coachella, 250,000 music lovers descended upon the California desert, bringing $704 million in economic activity throughout the week. Brands and influencers abounded, with over 4 million hashtags emanating from the world’s most Instagrammed festival. But many brands took a different approach to influencers this year. By now, 78 percent of Millennials dislike or are indifferent to celebrity influencer endorsements. As such, brands are spending 40 percent of their…