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FUTR Asia: 2022

October 25, 2022

09:55 SGT

25 OCTOBER 2022


Natalie Nasr, General Manager & Head of Business Development, FUTR GROUP

10.00 SGT

Championing female talent, wellness in the workplace, kissing goodbye to burn out & inclusive leadership

1/3rd or 90,000 hours is spent in our lifetime at work. Today, many burning social & societal workplace issues are going away no time soon until action is taken by the industry and individuals alike. We can still see a discrepancy of some of these such as a lack of inclusivity, promoting female executives to the top, putting mental health over wealth and nurturing talent with feelings vs targets. FUTR Asia is proud to put at the forefront of its platform a discussion looking at progress needing to be made, examples where companies or leadership have got it right & leaving attendees with the practical tools to implement a better office ethos tomorrow. If your manager isn’t listening, they should be.


Mollie Jean De Dieu, General Manager, LONGCHAMP



Tina Mulqueen, CEO, KINDRED PR & Founder, ET AL MEDIA

10.20 SGT

The Future of eCommerce

Transformative digitalisation and sustainability, experiential & personalised retailing, radical partnerships and workforce. These are some areas brands and businesses need to look into now to secure their place in eCommerce’s future. ‘The Future Is not something we enter. The future is something we create’ – Leonard Sweet.


Olive Tai, Co-Founder & Managing Director, SYNAGIE

10.40 SGT

Future proofing retail, frictionless CX & O2O essential planning

With Covid-19 ripping up the retail rulebook, shopper experience & technology will play a key role in the next decade to determine who wins to become truly customer centric. Seamless omnichannel, digital and customer designed experiences, will help to connect in new ways either online or in-person. Join this panel of masterminds to help transform your company’s underlying functions, future strategy and structures to achieve retail goals.


Spencer Wong, Co-Founder & Director, THE EDITORS MARKE

Michelle Lo, CXO – APAC Connected Commerce,JOHNSON & JOHNSON

Maddy Barber, Founder & Chief Brand Officer, MADLY GEMS

Bhavya Sehgal, Managing Director – Asia & China,STANLEY BLACK & DECKER


Maneesh Sah, Asia Pacific Board Member, CMO COUNCIL, Founder,RAVE MARKETING PARTNERS

11.20 SGT


11:50 SGT


Maneesh Sah, Asia Pacific Board Member, CMO COUNCIL, Founder, RAVE MARKETING PARTNERS


Key considerations to create sustainable value using data

There are countless ways to extract value from data, and businesses are learning the ropes of slicing and dicing data to make its value sustainable. They say data is the new oil, so how do you go about setting up and using this commodity to drive better business outcomes? How do you prioritize on what areas to focus on to create business value using data? What are the key strategic considerations for those working with data in 2023 and how do you build the right data driven culture in your organization? How can you ensure that your brand will be nimble enough to adapt and support future data initiatives? Enter Data & Analytics Guru, Ram Kumar from Cigna as he answers all.


Ram Kumar, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, CIGNA


Tina Mulqueen, CEO, KINDRED PR & Founder, ET AL MEDIA


Hyper individualization wherever the customer

Today’s consumer is more connected online than ever – accelerated by the pandemic. With more channels, formats and placements available for brands to capture attention – how do you keep-up & speak to the individual? Join Sachin Prasad, Vice President, Commercial Strategy, AMEA, from Mondelēz International, as he uncovers the advantages of data-driven ideas, running micro targeted campaigns and how their well-loved global brands like Cadbury and Oreo have won, in the most efficient and cost effective way. A lesson for both the ‘big’ or the ‘small’.


Sachin Prasad, Vice President of Commercial Strategy – AMEA, MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL

12:10 SGT

Driving consumer closeness with real-time insights: Why it’s more than just the data


Driving consumer closeness with real-time insights: At a time where consumers are always-on, always connected and increasingly unpredictable, closing the consumer gap is something that brands struggle with, despite having more data than ever before.

As much as consumer data is crucial, it is how well and how quickly brands can extract real-time, actionable insights from this data – that will determine how they decode their consumers and drive real brand value. In this session, we look at how brands can uncover the hidden consumer insights behind the data to create meaningful customer experiences, deliver business impact and become a tomorrow-shaping brand.

Payal Chainani, Commercial Accounts, TALKWALKER

Redefining Customer Experience in Retail

Remaining competitive and building resilience in the hyper competitive and ever-changing retail landscape is one of the biggest challenges for today’s modern retailer. Join us as we talk about the role of Customer Experience in redefining brand loyalty and reducing customer acquisition costs especially in an economic downturn.


Victor Viana, Senior Commercial Manager, ZENDESK

12:30 SGT

How did you get my number? Turning data & consumer insights into commercial success without being a creep. Data driven engagement, antitrust & analytics planning

What use is data and insights, without working closely to creative to make the most of it? How much is too much when it comes to personalisation & serving ads? Discover who your customer is and merge trend spotting with the products or services they need. Not forgetting the important data of online & offline shoppers to make full use of its CRM capacity across your organisation. Data is king and analytics is queen, but managing the two is the joker in the pack.


Devendra Shivhare, Director of Marketing Technologies – Asia Pacific, THE COCA COLA COMPANY

Jane Leong, VP of Data & Growth, LOVE BONITO

Yumnah Cassim Motani, Senior Manager Analytics & Insight – Babycare, P&G

Matija Kapic Regional Director of Customer Services, APAC, INFOBIP


Ashik Ashokan, APAC Advisory Lead, WARC

King of the castle. Business transformation to become the master of the marketplace & selling online

The continued rise of marketplaces or selling online seems to have no limits, especially with consumer preferences changing over this last year. Companies have had to navigate the rise of online shoppers to enable their platforms to grow & deliver with many changes along the way. From cross border customers to keeping them satisfied with delivery times and innovations in platform display to multi-payment options. FUTR dives headfirst into the world of marketplaces, digital business & next level e-commerce technology.


Chee Soon Ng, Managing Director, CAROUSELL

Sandeep Raj, SVP & Business Head – Affiliates, LAZADA

Tam Yong Sheng, Markets Lead – Thailand, Singapore & Malaysia, EBAY

Quek Wei Ling, Group Chief Business Officer, SYNAGIE


Julie Landau, Managing Director, IQUEST ASIA

13.10 SGT


14.15 SGT


War, Famine, Supply-Chain Disruption, a Commodity Megacyle, and Super Power Rivalry – A peek into the Future of India & Southeast Asia’s Tech Ecosystem.

Executive Director, Anupum Khaitan, discusses the outlook and macro-opportunities for Technology in India & Southeast Asia.

Capital Square Partners (“CSP”) is a private equity firm that invests in Technology, Media & Telecommunications (“TMT”), Healthcare, Education, and Business & Industrial services companies with exposure towards India & Southeast Asia. The firm focuses mainly on growth and mature companies.

Anupum Khaitan, Executive Director, CAPITAL SQUARE PARTNERS


Educating new consumers & platform partnerships. Establishing Chubb in SE Asia’s consumer landscape and business ecosystem

Educating new consumers & platform partnerships. Establishing Chubb in SE Asia’s consumer landscape and business ecosystem Employing approximately 34,000 people worldwide and with over US$200 billion in assets, Chubb needs little introduction. Being this size means it can leverage a lot of experience to succeed in new regions but how do you do this when the market is mature? Find the gaps. Building its business ecosystem and connecting to new customers has meant joining arms with established platforms. Thus allowing Chubb to offer products to previously untouched consumers who are highly technology orientated but not financially dedicated. Fresh from his success establishing Chubb in various parts of South America, SVP & Head of Digital Gabriel Lazaro, will share how he is co-creating with partners, offering new experiences to the modern consumers and what it takes to establish a brand through education.


Gabriel Lazaro, SVP & Head of Digital, CHUBB

14.35 SGT

Let’s Lead In Social

67% of purchases made involve social media recommendations in their buying decision. Social media touchpoints have doubled in the past 24 months when we look at the new customer journey. CMOs are no longer asking for just the company’s MarTech stack – they now want to understand what Social stack is being used within the Marketing function. Forrester advises CMOs to track social maturity within the organisation as a key step in addressing Marketing’s ability to cater for the new customer journey. In this session, we’ll explore how to build a social recommendation engine and the steps you can take to evolve your organisation’s social maturity.


Mimrah Mahmood, Regional Director, Media Solutions (Asia Pacific) – MELTWATER

The Power of TikTok : Leverage On Short-Form Video to Tell Your Brand Story

Do you know that TikTok has hit more than 1 Billion Monthly Active Users globally last year? How do brand owners leverage TikTok to stand out from the crowd and be a creative storyteller to engage meaningfully with the TikTok Community? Today, more than 1 billion people around the world now come to TikTok every month to be entertained as they learn, laugh, or discover something new. As the leading short-form video platform, the magic of TikTok is not just the chance to create, but the chance to discover – and to be found. On TikTok, marketers can tap into the unique opportunities that can only be found on TikTok to connect with our community, build their brands, and achieve their business goals.


Cherylyn Yeo, SMB Scaled Business Sales Lead – Singapore, Malaysia & Philippines, TIKTOK

14.55 SGT

Getting consumers to advocate for your brand online and building a strong community so you don’t need advertising investment!

Whilst social movement or challenging the ‘norm’ campaigns may bring risks, they can yield fantastic results as long as you are staying true to your brand 365 days a year (not just when the occasion calls for it), right? Is honesty always the best policy? Do most of the youth value authenticity over almost everything else? How can brands resonate through consumer engagement and personalise experiences so they trust you to keep coming back for more? With consumers more cash rich, with new hobbies both online or off & ready to spend in the post lockdown era, how can you better engage with previously shy or non-engaging subcultures? Learn how to resonate, keep things true, foster community and build more growth so you can save on advertising investment.


Gitanjali Sriram, Head of Marketing & Communications, TACO BELL

Cecile Gasnault, Brand Director, RAMBLIN BRANDS

Shawn Roy, Consumer Insights Lead – SE Asia & Taiwan, HALEON

Nicole Tan, Creative & Culture Strategy Lead, DIAGEO


Rica Facundo, APAC Editor, WARC

Transforming a companies functions and structures to achieve digital goals

In under a decade, the online playing field has dramatically changed demand generation. Companies and organizations can now optimize digital demand generation by monitoring all digital presence. The results? Technology is revolutionizing virtually every aspect of infrastructure in order to keep up with this rise. From digital enabled experiences to providing truly frictionless retail and creating community connections to in-store innovations. What do you need to prioritise to run retail successfully (online or off!) and connect with the ever evolving consumer? Creating infrastructure that meet the needs and expectations of your cross-border customer. Ensure that your customers receive the same high-standard of experience, no matter where they shop in the world or the channel! From platform technology to digital everything, we assess the brains behind the brands that enables success to happen.


Vicky Abhishek, Vice President – Technology Services Asia Pacific, J&J

Kshitij Mulay, CIO – Asia, SEPHORA

Mandy Arbilo, Associate Director – Global Ecommerce Platform, RAZER

Callum Davies, Managing Director Asia, JUST AFTER MIDNIGHT


Julie Landau, Managing Director, IQUEST ASIA

15.35 SGT


16.15 SGT

Brand building through storytelling in esports

Esports fans are going to be the next generation of customers. Brands should future-proof their businesses by fostering strong, loyal relationships with this community early. CEO of ONE Esports Carlos Alimurung will share the state of esports in Southeast Asia, how they engage the young, passionate esports community through powerful storytelling and leave you with some practical insights from brand case studies working with them with huge success.


Carlos Alimurung, CEO, ONE ESPORTS

16:35 SGT

Why and how businesses can start growing successful direct-to-consumer brands. The resilience of the DTC model & humanizing a brand for increased customer retention.

Covid has offered the opportunity for a “mega reset”, a huge opportunity for brands to reposition themselves. Brands & DTC companies are making waves by stripping it back with small, micro targeted product ranges delivered straight to your door. DTC brands have some cost advantages over their more physical counterparts but in some cases, they typically need one another. From financing to launch and partnerships to acquisitions, this case study driven session dives into the lessons to reach new DTC growth heights.


Yi Ren, Senior Manager, DTC Demand Planning – Asia, CROCS


Hunter Shao, Vice President, Strategy & Marketing Dept – APAC, HUAWEI


Angelina Tan, Business Director – Global Brands, PUBLICIS GROUPE

17:15 SGT

Reimagine Business Operations with Lark:

Transform Businesses with the Power of a Collaboration Super App

As business scales and expands globally, more information gets exchanged every day, creating information silos. A siloed environment often keeps employees from knowing what’s happening outside, a common problem we see between frontline and office workers and cross-border teams. When employees fail to connect with relevant stakeholders, communication breaks down, hindering collaboration and productivity.


Ivan Chin, Head of Business Development APAC,LARK

17:35 SGT


October 25, 2022
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